100% Organic Cotton Face Cloth


​The reusable and biodegradable Organic Muslin Face Cloth removes your make-up and daily impurities. Made with organically grown cotton from India and 100% natural, it's the most simple and effective facial cleansing tool that can be used over and over again.

Best enjoyed with the Organic Cleansing Oil, and our Clay Face Masks.

Product Details

Indulge in the eco-conscious luxury of our organic cotton muslin face cloth, meticulously crafted to enhance your skincare ritual. This double-layered marvel is exquisitely designed for use with our organic cleansing oil and clay face masks.

Immerse yourself in the refined intricacy of its double weave, as it delicately and effectively removes these cleansing products. With a touch of sophistication, this cloth not only purifies but also stimulates circulation, unveiling a complexion that exudes newfound vitality.

Measuring a generous 30cm x 30cm, this double-layered muslin face cloth elevates your skincare experience to reveal a healthier, more radiant visage.

How to Use

1. Wet the organic cloth with warm water.
2. Gently sweep it across your skin to remove the organic cleansing oil or clay face mask.
3. Feel the gentle exfoliating and buffing effects of the muslin cloth as it eliminates daily impurities and enhances circulation.
4. After each use, rinse the cloth in warm/hot water and allow it to air dry.
5. Machine wash the organic muslin cloth at least once a week at 30 degrees Celsius.


100% Organic Cotton (origin: India)

All of our Products are


Zero Synthetics


Reusable + Recyclable

Mindful ingredients for nurturing, harmonious skin

Join the Eco-Revolution:
Say Goodbye to Disposable Face Wipes and Single-Use Cotton Pads with Our Eco-Friendly, Reusable, and Machine-Washable Muslin Cloths.
Organic Cotton
When it comes to choosing the perfect face cloth, the source of your cotton matters more than you might think. Organic cotton from India stands out as a superior choice compared to non-organic cotton from other regions.
Here's why:
When you opt for an organic cotton face cloth from India, you not only prioritize the health of your skin but also make a positive impact on the planet and support ethical farming practices. It's a choice that truly reflects your commitment to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Celebrate the distinctive path of your skin

Skin Types
Normal, Oily, Combination, Dry, Acne-prone
Skin Concerns
Clogged Pores, Dullness
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