Sanbe Pro Partners

Welcome to our community of dedicated estheticians who have embraced the Sanbe Beauty revolution. These professionals, rooted in expertise and driven by results, have incorporated our products into their services, bringing natural, organic, and vegan choices to their esteemed clientele.

Why Estheticians Choose Sanbe Beauty: Sanbe Beauty products are not just skincare; they're a testament to holistic well-being. Our formulations, enriched with the finest natural ingredients, ensure that every client experiences a rejuvenation that's more than skin deep. Estheticians trust our line because it offers:

  • Purity: No hidden nasties, just honest-to-goodness ingredients.
  • Effectiveness: Results-driven formulations that deliver on their promises.
  • Sustainability: Care for the skin and the planet with our eco-conscious range.

Words from Our Partners: “Sanbe Beauty has transformed how I approach skincare in my practice. My clients love it, and the results speak for themselves.” – Mika, Bella Hibisco Aesthetics

Join the Sanbe Professional Circle: If you're an esthetician keen on incorporating the finest in vegan skincare into your services, join us. Experience the Sanbe difference and elevate the skincare journey you offer your clients.

An ethical brand with minimal impact on the environment

unique organic & vegan skincare

We help our customers adapt to a mindful skincare routine.

Why Choose Urban Skin Revival?

  • Personalized Relaxation: Amelia’s practice is rooted in gentleness and tranquility. Escape the everyday and immerse yourself in a sanctuary designed for complete relaxation.
  • Expertise in Gentle Care: Amelia's passion lies in harnessing the wonders of gentle manipulation. Dive deep into the benefits of facial massage that revitalizes your skin, promoting circulation, reducing puffiness, boosting collagen, and ensuring lymphatic drainage.
  • Purity in Products: The trusted SANBE BEAUTY skincare line, locally crafted in Okinawa, complements each session. Experience a blend of nature's best, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and natural ingredients.

Bella Hibisco Aesthetics

Introducing Urasoe's oasis of skincare bliss: Bella Hibisco Aesthetics. Located near Camp Kinser, Bella Hibisco Aesthetics is your go-to destination for a range of rejuvenating services expertly curated by our dedicated skincare aesthetician.

Why Choose Bella Hibisco Aesthetics?

Personalized Skincare Solutions: At Bella Hibisco Aesthetics, our experienced aesthetician offers personalized skincare treatments tailored to your specific needs, whether you're dealing with severe acne-prone skin or have a more normal skin type. Step into a serene haven designed to provide complete relaxation and pampering.


A Master of Healing Touch:

Mika is a skilled aesthetician specializing in gentle manipulation, ensuring your skin receives the utmost care and attention. Explore the transformative benefits of facial massages that invigorate your skin, stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness, promote collagen production, and facilitate lymphatic drainage.

The Essence of Natural Beauty:

Embrace the natural beauty of Okinawa with our exclusive use of SANBE BEAUTY skincare products. Crafted locally in Okinawa, these products embody purity, containing cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and all-natural ingredients to enhance your skincare experience.

Visit Bella Hibisco Aesthetics in Ginowan today, and let us guide you on a journey to healthier, more radiant skin.

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