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A healthy alternative to aluminum-filled deodorants. Our organic deodorant is not only baking soda-free, but it also is GMO-free and is filled with hydrating butters, and essential oils to keep those armpits from getting irritated, it is vegan and contains non-Nanoparticles. 

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Zinc vs. aluminium 

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Nicole Cole

I love the smell of the deodorant.

Melissa Z.
Sweat Proof

I have been using this product for over 2 years now, it’s hands down one of the cleanest, freshest natural deodorants I have used. My recent purchase was for my 10 year old daughter who started getting concerned about underarm sweat. I am so confident in the pureness of SanBe products that I know it’s safe for my 10 year old to use. I asked her what she thought after she used it, she said so much better, I don’t have to be embarrassed by underarm marks.

Nicole C.
Didn't work on me at

Didn't work on me at all. I'll stick to the prescription strength stuff. I love Sanbes products. I just didn't like this one.

Thank you for your review.
How long have you used our deodorant after switching from the prescription strength stuff? Always remember that everything inside our body needs time and a way to be released.

Normally 1-2weeks are necessary to detox, this may vary if medication is taken frequently, the detoxification time will extend.

Remember this product was formulated to be clean of all harsh chemicals that can harm the body. Therefore, detoxifying the body beforehand or at least the first week of use is recommended.

Shanti B.
Love this deoderant!

After having a horrible reaction to multiple "natural" deoderants on the market, I spoke with Bettina and she said my issue was likely due to the baking soda found in them. This mineral deoderant is just what I was looking for. It doesn't irritate, smells great and feels great on. Keeps me smelling and feeling great. I cannot thank Sanbe Beauty enough for their great customer service which includes making a last minute emergency batch of deoderant for me before leaving for my vacation! Thank you!

Christina A.
Best find really r

Best find really r

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