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It teaches you a lot about yourself and provides you with insight into what you need to be the best version of yourself. Self-care helps you better cope with stress and to prioritize what's important to you. You'll be better able to take care of others when you also take time to meet your own needs.

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How self care changed my life!

Hi there! My name is Bettina Johnson, founder of Sanbe Beauty, LLC a non-toxic, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly and organic skincare line owned and run by women.

Here at our Sanbe HQ we strive to create a healthier world one customer at the time by educating and communicating to you directly about skincare and overall health. This is why we like to share our personal story, and how I overcame depression, anxiety, illness and procrastination.

In 2016 I Was At The Lowest Point In My Life. I was personally affected by health issues, like; immune deprivation, depression, anxiety, hair loss, and lack of motivation which also caused numerous skin issues. Doctors didn’t know what to diagnose me with and left me in the dark, until I started searching for answers.

Long story short, a complete lifestyle overhaul was taking place just a short year after, and with that intervention came the inspiration to start Sanbe Beauty which has changed my life for good.

Here are my personal self care recommendations, that can help you get there, too.

My Personal Self Care Recommendations

When I think of self care, I take a deep breath to check on my personal emotional stability. Why is this so important? Because people who score high in emotional stability tend to be emotionally stable, calm, and do not constantly experience negative feelings.

This method has helped me recognize that self care starts deep within.

Let’s start!

  • Focus on your goal(s)

    • what do you like to achieve or change? - Let’s make it happen!

  • Learn new habit(s)

    • set up your phones alarm to remind you of your new habit (daily, hourly or every 30 min.) - keep the alarm(s) going for at least 30-60 days (it takes time to learn new habits)

    • example: you want to start drinking more water, set your phones alarm to every 30 min. and rename the alarm something like this “Drink water 💦cause it will keep you healthy”.

  • Social Circle Network - tell a friend/family member what you are going through

    • your social circle is a support network. Friends can help you face hard truths and can sometimes recognize destructive patterns in your behavior. 

    • Our friends and family can play a huge role in our mental well-being and can help us manage mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Implement a healthy diet

    • overall health comes from within and what we fuel our body with plays a very big role on how we feel at the end of the day.

    • start eating an organic whole food diet - lots of veggies & fruit

    • no more fast food

  • Exercise 15 min+ daily

    • you don’t need to be a runner or a weight lifter, a simple 15-30 min walk or yoga that gets you sweating is better then nothing.

  • Make time for relaxation

    • add a massage, a facial or a spa treatment to your monthly routine

    • meditation is a great way to reflect and ground your thoughts

  • Ditch & Switch chemical filled products

    • exposure to toxic chemicals during early life may produce adverse effects on the nervous system throughout life, everything that touches our skin goes directly into our bloodstream and therefore is not filtered through our kidneys.

Recommended Self Care

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