Regardless of how the popularity for being green has risen, it's important to understand that being environmentally responsible shouldn't be used as a superficial stint to become more popular. Neither should it be used as a money-making gig. Being green is about making critical lifestyle changes and business choices that are beneficial for our planet and are rewarding for us in many other ways.

Sanbe Beauty founder Bettina Johnson is taking her small business a step further by implementing eco-friendly packaging options for all beauty and wellness products from her Skincare line Sanbe Beauty. These changes will take place starting October 01, 2020. Find out the 5 Reasons Why We Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging For Sanbe Beauty.

5 Reasons Why We Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

  1. Great Respect for the ENVIRONMENT

    Most of our packaging is made from recycled biodegradable materials, which reduces the waste of natural resources used for their production. In addition, the manufacturing process tends to be more efficient, further reducing the use of valuable resources and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

  2. Ease of Disposal

    Packaging materials make up the majority of the trash that ends up in landfills. With e-commerce quickly becoming the most popular shopping method, consumers have more packages coming to their homes than they know what to do with. We use eco-friendly containers for shipping, making it easier for you to get rid of all those packages. Compostable and recyclable containers are much easier to dispose of than those that are not, and even when they do end up in landfills, they’ll break down much faster than their non-compostable, non-biodegradable counterparts.

  3. Lower Shipping Costs

    Eco-friendly packaging supplies are designed with minimalism in mind. While they still provide necessary protection for your items, they are designed to be less bulky and require less overall material. This makes them weigh less and take up less space. Packages that weigh less are, of course, more affordable to ship.

4. Reusable/refillable/repuropse

There’s a lot of great ideas available online for repurposing your beauty product packaging. Everything from empty candle container turning into a makeup brush holder to removing the end of your lipstick/chapstick tube and reuse the container to hold small things in your bag or purse. Traveling is a great way to reuse your eco-friendly empties as you can pour in just the amount you need. It will stop you having to buy more travel-sized plastics at the airport as you can decant your favourite products into your up-cycled empties.

5. Limiting Plastic

Plastic is the number one enemy, with almost 300 million tons of it produced every year and 91% of it sadly doesn’t get recycled. Plastic packaging in the beauty industry is soaring, in 2010, the industry produced 65.62 billion plastic packaging units. By 2017 that number was 76.8 billion and it continues to rise. That count, of course, doesn't even factor in plastic accessories, like mini scoopers or application tools. Using less plastic for our products minimizes the impact on your health, and minimal impact on the planet.

As a business, it is more important than ever to take steps to reduce your impact on the environment. Switching to eco-friendly packaging materials is an easy and cost-effective way to lower your carbon footprint.

With our new eco-friendly packaging we have also updated our shipping option and are now offering a GREEN Shipping ♻️ option. This option ensures that all your products are packed with the new GREENWRAP eco friendly bubble wrap alternative and is shipped in a recyclable envelope / box.

We try to do our best, and be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Unfortunately, our shipping supply budget is very small and we are very grateful for your donations.

Therefore, we created a donation link for those of you that love supporting eco-friendly shopping and like to see us use these from now on.

You can help us restock our eco-friendly shipping supplies by DONATING into our shipping supplies fund.


xo Betty & Sandra

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