PMS Tea - 100% Organic Herbal, Caffeine Free - loose leaf tea


One week before your joy of womanhood comes visiting, begin drinking a cup per day and continue a few days into your cycle.  It will address night sweats, PMS headaches, menstrual cramps, nausea, bloating, emotional unsteadiness, and breast tenderness.  This blend contains no caffeine. If that isn't doable for you, I suggest purchasing a small baggie of our hand-rolled Green Tea Leaves - you can add it to this blend to give yourself a bit of a caffeine kick to get you through your day.

SanBé Beauty Tea is: Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO-Free

Customer Reviews

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It's a monthly must-have for me!

I usually have heavy cramping, nausea, and body aches during my cycle, and this tea helps take away the body aches and nausea! I love it so much that I got some for my sisters too.

Amazing PMS Tea!!

This tea is incredible! When that time of the month hits, I'm always reaching for ibuprofen to help me get through my pm symptoms. However, I was really impressed with how well this tea helped!! The last few times I was experiencing pms stuff, I drank this tea morning & night throughout my cycle, and it was truly a relief! I think it helped my cramps to subside in just 20-30 minutes. I It was also just very calming for my mind & body!

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