Facial rollers emerged on the beauty scene a couple of years back and quickly became trending. But these gorgeous handheld tools actually have a much deeper history.

There’s evidence that Egyptians and Mayans have been using facial rollers for more than 5,000 years during meditation and massage.

Product Suggestions to use with a Jade Roller

When we look back on ancient Chinese history, we find facial rollers were used by the elite to keep skin beautiful and women ageless. The act of rolling rids the skin of toxins via lymphatic drainage and increases circulation. Wrinkles become smoother, and as your skin detoxifies you’ll see more brightness, clarity, and a glowing complexion.

Increased blood flow also means your facial muscles will improve in their tone, effectively carving out the cheekbones and jawline!

Vibration Serum

Vibration Serum has a deep/full floral aroma and is made to slow down the aging of the skin.

Vibration Serum has a deep/full floral aroma and is made to slow down the aging of the skin.

Body Oil

Hydrating & soothing Body oil made with high-quality ingredients, designed to alleviate dry and itchy skin, formulated to be light-weight and non-greasy.

Facial Cream

Facial Cream 100% ultra-rich day and night face cream is an anti-aging vitamin and antioxidant powerhouse, formulated to be light-weight and fast absorbent.

Face Serum

Start every morning off with this nourishing and moisturizing face serum to minimize wrinkles, calm the skin and renew skin properties.

What are the Main Benefits of using a Jade Roller?

  • The gentle pressure helps to stimulate circulation and leave the facial muscles more relaxed

  • By encouraging lymphatic drainage, this boosts the skin’s natural detoxification process

  • By drawing away toxins, this allows a gentle toning and lifting effect

  • The naturally cooling sensation helps to calm the skin, depuff, and soothe inflammation

  • Facial massage is known to be a stress reliever. The daily ritual can relieve tension and act a small act of self-care in the day

Green Jade

Green Jade

  • Relaxes nervous system

  • Balances energy

  • Eliminates toxins from skin

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Oxygenates

  • Renews skin cells

  • Best for balancing



  • Often used to ward off negative energies and stress

  • Promotes clarity and relaxation

  • Amethyst emits infrared rays which slightly raises skin temperature to increase circulation

  • Calms inflammation and redness

  • Nourishes skin

  • Detoxifying

  • Best for stress relief

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

  • Most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet

  • Increases elasticity of skin

  • Reduces appearances of pores

  • Boosts overall collagen levels

  • Eliminates toxins

  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles

  • Stimulates the immune system and brings balance to the body

  • Best for healing

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

  • Opens heart and throat chakras

  • Strengthens circulatory system

  • Brings oxygen to and reduces tension

  • Improves smoothness

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Slows aging

  • Best for soothing

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