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Charles Brown Fleet is credited for the world's first lip balm. It was basically a candle without a wick and wrapped in tin foil. However, it didn't sell well, and unfortunately he never made profit. A friend of Charles, John Morton, bought the formula for the lip balm in 1912 for five dollars. John’s wife suggested he melt the ingredients together and pour them into brass tubes to mold the balm into sticks. And voila the trademarked product ChapStick was created. According to statista.com the leading lip balm/treatment brand in the United States in 2019 generated sales of over 140 million U.S. dollars.

Why the buzz over preventing chapped lips?

Did you know your lips don't have oil glands? Did you also know they are made up with the thinnest skin on our body? They are delicate and need protection!! Our lips are almost always exposed to the elements….be it sun exposure, constant licking/biting, or wintery weather. The best way to protect them is with an ointment based lip balm. This will moisturize splits and cracks in the skin. A beneficial lip balm is a necessity because it creates a protective barrier between the harsh elements and your lips. Lip balms also encourage healing, so if your lips do happen to get chapped or crack, using a lip balm will help your lips to recover more easily.

For fun let’s talk about other uses for lip balm…let us know if you’ve tried any of these.

  1. Use it to tame flyaway hairs

  2. Dab it along your cheekbones late in the day to add some shine

  3. If you are sick, add a little under your nose after you use a tissue to protect the skin from getting irritated and red.

  4. Help heal cracked fingertips

  5. Forgot your lotion? Apply a little lip balm on your palm, hold your hands together to warm it up, and help it spread where you need it

  6. Rub and massage into your cuticles right before bed.

  7. Try it on unmanageable brow hairs, works a lot like a brow gel

November is here, and we are featuring the DIY Tinted Lip Balm

Our boxes/pouches make learning skincare fun, educational, and safe! We include easy to follow recipes with vegan-friendly, and organic ingredients, plus we added plant-based essential oils, product packaging, and labels to the box as well.



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