Spring and Summer we show our feet all the love and attention! Making pedicures essential and showing them off in cute sandals. But by the time fall and winter rolls around, we often neglect to keep up with our foot care. But just because we’re in shoes and boots for the cold months doesn’t mean our feet should suffer. Let’s give them care now so come spring it won’t be such a task getting them sandal-ready.

When the winter months are in full effect, paying a little more attention to your feet can go a long way toward staying comfortable and avoiding problems. The following are some simple steps to take to keep as the weather starts to turn cold.

Stay Moisturized

Both internally and externally! For internal, it might sound like a broken record but make sure you’re drinking enough water. Externally you want to moisturize well. The best time to moisturize is when your feet are already damp, so after drying off from a shower is ideal. Apply the moisturizer to your feet evenly, but be sure to avoid getting excess moisturizer between your toes. The dry winter air and indoor heating can cause your feet and heels to crack. Using a product like Sanbe’s Healing Salve will help keep your feet protected.

It’s made with all-natural ingredients :

Cinnamon Oil - With its anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon oil can be an effective natural remedy for inflammatory skin concerns.

Clove Oil - Topically applying clove bud oil may be the next new thing for treating toenail fungus, thanks to its anti-fungal properties and pain-relieving properties. The antiseptic found in cloves help fight against bacterial and fungal growth.

Nutmeg Oil - The stimulating properties will certainly wake up dead skin cells. Nutmeg can also help out with dry skin, because it's extremely moisturizing and exfoliation.

Avoid Dryness

If you enjoy hot, steaming showers, consider reducing the heat and/or your time spent in there. Long, very hot showers can draw moisture out of your feet, as counter-intuitive as that may seem. Also, when drying off after a shower, pat your feet dry instead of forcefully rubbing your towel over them. Drying your feet in such a way can cause excess dryness.


This can help you avoid building tough, ugly calluses, keeping your pores from being clogged, as well as helping you keep an eye on your foot health. Once a week, try combining a quarter cup of honey with a tablespoon of sugar to create a foot scrub. Soak feet in warm water and rub them down, paying extra attention to heels and the cuticles on your toes. The honey will help soften your skin and the sugar will slough off skin buildup. After your rinse, moisturize with a lotion that includes vitamin E oil to hold in the moisture. Sanbe’s Refresh Body cream is the perfect option as it’s loaded with high-quality babassu oil, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil.

Trim Your Nails and Exercise your Toes

Winter boots and shoes can often irritate toenails if they aren’t well-trimmed so try and keep up with your pedicure game or do some at-home foot care. We often overlook exercising our feet and toes. Try a gas pedal motion or writing the alphabet with your toes to improves circulation and can keep your feet warmer.


Most times, some simple routines and changes can make a huge difference in keeping your feet healthy. However, if you are still facing dryness, cracking, calluses, odor, or other problems no matter what you try, it’s time to get an expert on the case.

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