Castor oil & it’s magical benefits

You've probably heard about or seen posts and Pinterest Pins about the benefits of castor oil. Much like when coconut oil started dominating our feeds, castor oil is also here to become a staple in our wellness routine. 

You may wonder, however, what is castor oil good for? And what about black castor oil, is there a difference between the two? 

Castor oil has been used for centuries in several cultures to help with hair growth, hair strengthening and more. But what is it? It is an oil that comes from pressed castor beans. It's filled with vitamin E, fatty acids and minerals. It is anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and anti-microbial. 

One of the most popular castor oils is the Jamaican Black Castor oil that is boiled with ash and it gives it a nice roasted scent. What's even better: it is super affordable. 

Castor oil for hair growth?

Yes, you heard that correctly. If you apply it once to twice a week you might see great results not only in length but also in how strong you hair gets. If you have frail, thin hair, castor oil is great, easy and affordable treatment for stronger hair.  

Other ways to use castor oil for hair care:

Use our thick viscosity black castor oil to moisturize your hair if you have dry, coarse and hard feeling hair. A few drops on your fingertips and rubbing them before applying can go a long way.

To treat dandruff: 

if you have dry scalp, itchy and/or dandruff, use our thinner castor oil at your roots to treat it! It's amazing how well this works. To make things easier you may want to get one of those bottles used to apply hair dye and divide your hair into sections for easy application. Mixing some argan oil to it will be magic!

For hair growth: 

if you struggle with fine hair, hair loss or want to grow your hair, massage castor oil into your scalp at night for at least 5 minutes. Make sure to cover your head with a hair scarf or towel. And wash your hair in the morning to remove all excess oil. It will feel amazing, relaxing before bed and help a lot! 

Jamaican Black Castor Oil


Support hair and skin appearance naturally with Sanbe Beauty’s Jamaican black castor oil. This multipurpose oil works for all hair and skin types for versatile use.


No, it isn't! Ditch all those products with hard chemicals that promise longer fuller lashes. Dip a spoolie into your castor oil and apply as if you were applying mascara or eyebrow gel.

Leave it for a few seconds then wipe off any excess. Guys even use it to grow a thicker beard! Castor oil is also great to remove makeup, treat acne, heal skin tissue and as a massage oil! 

Eye Lash Serum Recipe

Makes 10g of Eyelash Serum


5g Castor Oil
2.5g Almond Oil
2g Argan Oil
0.5g Vitamin E


1. Combine all ingredients in a glass beaker or fill directly into a EyeLash tube.

2. Still or shake well until all ingredients are blended.

3. Apply a small amount onto your eyelashes 2 x daily. 

Bettina Johnson (Sanbe Beauty Founder)

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