We are in the full swing of summer. The days are longer, the nights shorter, and the heat has been relentless. 

People have already started taking vacations, going to their favorite beach destinations, or simply relaxing in their gardens at home with a refreshing drink in hand. 

Even though there are many things we enjoy about summer, with the rising temperature, there are also some major downers; bugs, sweat, and sunburns, just to mention a few. We have you covered if you're looking to combat some of these pesky inconveniences!

Continue reading to find out about our four favorite summer essentials that will help you to have a relaxing and enjoyable summer even in this heat. After all, the official summer season ends on September 23rd, so we still have over a month left to enjoy!


We hope you enjoy our Oki Summer Essential Box. This box will help you survive the hot, sweaty, and Mosquito-filled Summers that can leave you smelly and your skin itchy. Our summer skincare box includes everything you need to alleviate all those problems.

Included Products:

  • After Sun Spray (for sunburns)
  • Bug Off Spray (insect repellent)
  • Deodorant (lemongrass, cedarwood, or lavender scent - leave your preference during checkout)
  • Body Soap (lemongrass & spearmint scent)

Mineral Deodorant

Natural Vegan Organic Deodorant
Organic Vegan Deodorant

Deodorant may be one of the most important summer essentials you need on hand. All of us want to smell fresh and clean during the summer months, whether you're spending time at the beach, running errands, exercising, or spending time with friends.

Our vegan deodorant is a healthy alternative to aluminum-filled deodorants AND is effective at keeping you odor-free. It is filled with hydrating butters and essential oils to keep your armpits from getting irritated. As a natural product, it doesn’t contain any artificial fillers and synthetic chemicals, only a concentrated version of the purest ingredients.


One important thing to note is that this is not an antiperspirant and does not block your pores. Rather, it neutralizes the odor when you sweat to ensure your body releases its natural toxins effectively. 


Choose from three delicious scents (Lavender, Lemongrass, or Cedarwood) and stay fresh all summer!

Bug Off spray

Natural Essential Oil Bug Spray
Bug Off Spray - Organic

Smell good or get attacked by bugs...how often do you debate this in your head before going anywhere during the summer? With our Bug Off Spray, you don't have to sacrifice either! 

Our candy-scented Bug Off Spray is natural, DEET free, and safe for your kids to use. Not only does it protect you from bugs but also hydrates and softens your skin. Our spray protects you from mosquitos, ants, fleas, flies, and ticks. We have you covered. 

One SanBe customer says:

"I am prone to getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and am not a fan of using harsh chemicals found in other bug sprays. When I found this I fell in love with the scent and then once I realized how good it works at keeping the bugs away, I was hooked!"


After Sun Spray

Organic After Sun Spray - Sanbe Beauty
Natural After Sun Spray - Sanbe Beauty

Sunburns are one of the most common things that people experience during the summer months. Skin is the human body's largest organ and it does a lot to protect us, so it's important to take care of your skin after being in the sun. 

Our all-natural, ultra-hydrating after-sun spray is designed to alleviate sunburned and dry skin. It is lightweight, cooling, soothing and absorbs into your skin quickly. The After Sun Spray is created from high-quality Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, and Almond oil. Our spray is loaded with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and is designed to soothe any discomfort that may occur after sunbathing. 

Confetti Body Soap

Confetti Summer Body Soap - Lemongrass
Organic Vegan Soaps - Sanbe Beauty

Let us introduce you to our limited edition summertime soap! Our Confetti Body Soap has a summery scent of lemongrass, spearmint, orange, and palmarosa. It contains sunflower oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which produces a lather that is incredibly conditioning to the skin.

We created this soap by reusing soap shavings combined with our Mango Butter soap base to eliminate soap waste. We hope you enjoy this zero-waste, organic limited edition soap as much as we do.

42 days left of summer

We hope you can enjoy the rest of your summer even more with our recommended essentials. If you ever have questions about products, ingredients, or skincare in general please don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to chat with you, just leave a comment below!

Summer Essential Gift Set

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