The holiday season is one of the busiest times in our lives. And it can be so stressful to choose what to gift to our loved ones, to match our budget, and to give something meaningful. 

Some people are hard to shop for, some have literally everything under the sun and some others we might not know well enough to figure out what to get them.  

We made our ultimate gift guide for those in your life who love skincare or those who would like to start taking care of their skin and they don’t know where to get quality and wholesome products with orgranic, natural ingredients.  For the one who’s starting on their skincare journey:



For that friend or family member who is completely clueless about where to start with their skincare regime, we suggest the following products. They are full proof and easy to use as well.



Did you know that many of our customers didn't start using moisturizer until their late twenties. 





This moisturizer is formulated with high-quality ingredients. Infused with a floral essential oil blend, and was designed to hydrate the skin.


For men we have the Facial Cream formulated for them, scented with Sandalwood, and German chamomile!





Our luxurious, ultra-rich day and night face cream is an anti-aging vitamin and antioxidant powerhouse, formulated to be light-weight and fast absorbent. 



This is a product that many don't use because they don't know how. It goes after your cleansing step before the creams. 







Sanbe’s Chamomile & Niacinemite Toner provides potent antioxidant activity to counteract extrinsic damage. Stimulates collagen synthesis while also supporting the skin’s barrier.

You could definitely create a gift box with our cleansing oil, toner, moisturizer and serum! More on that below!

As a third and fourth step after cleansing, you can gift a face oil or serum. Those are two different things, make no mistake. But they often scare people because of the oil component. 



Powerful anti-inflammatory and restorative ingredients to help reduce redness and inflammation, repair and strengthen damaged skin, and deeply soothing to support a calm, balanced complexion.










  • Jojoba Oil
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil


Gift box idea: Organic Cleansing oil, Toner,  Moisturizing Face cream, Balance Face serum, skincare tool like our 100% Organic Cotton Face ClothFacial RollerFacial Cleansing Brush. Or you can select one of our pre curated gift boxes. Skincare Box - Holiday Edition

For the one who loves self-care, bath time: 

If you have a family member who loves to take a long bath or enjoys their time in the shower we have an amazing array of products that will make them feel extra cheery! 

Bath Salts: 

Five different types of bath soaks. A Fizzy Bath Soak - [Bedtime Lavender Soak, a Detox Bath Salt - Lemon & GingerTherapeutic Epsom Salt BathsRose Clay Bath - [Calming, Detox & Relax] and an unscented bath soak mix. 



our soaps are in high demand and truly loved by our customers so we know they'll make a great gift. Our Holiday soap box sold out but we still have out staples available to create a beautiful gift. And we include them in our Skincare gift box as well. 



For the skincare expert

For that family member or friend that’s been around the block when it comes to skincare but they might not know about natural products or they haven’t tried cruelty free and vegan products, you can introduce them to our brand with these amazing ones!   

Anti-Aging turmeric cream

One of out newest formulatrions, this cream is a light-weight day and night-time cream made with plant-based ingredients to soothe and protect aging skin. 



  • Rose Hydrosol
  • Turmeric Oil
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Mushroom & Pumpkin Extract



Normal, Combination, Dry Skin


We have several scents available. The natural fragrances here are 100 percent driven from plants and 85 percent organic. This beautiful floral perfume contains no artificial or toxic extracts and has not been tested on animals.


TRANQUILITY BLEND: Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Geranium - certified organic ingredient. 



BLOSSOMS BLEND: Patchouli, Pink Grapefruit, Frankincense, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, German Chamomile, Lime, Sweet Orange 

LOVE BLEND: Patchouli | Geranium | Pink Grapefruit | Vanilla | Spearmint | Black spruce | Camphor | Blue tansy | Frankincense 

UNWIND BLEND: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Lavender, Lime

Hope this guide was helpful! Let us know in the comments what are you giving this year and what do you find the most challenging! 

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