The Summer season is a hard time for not just our body but also our skin. When temperature rise, the heat becomes unbearable, and while the body is trained to fight the heat and keep cool, the same is needed for our delicate skin too.

The question is how to deal with the skin issues that arise! The answer lies in keeping yourself well-hydrated, protecting your skin from sun exposure, and reducing any conditions that make you vulnerable to infections.

We put a few tips for you together on what you can do to keep your skin healthy, plus we’ll be sharing a Matcha Facial Sugar Scrub with you at the end.

5 Tips on how to keep your skin looking flawless during summer

When the weather is humid it means that there is a lot of moisture in the air. That causes the pores of the skin to open and makes them susceptible to gathering dirt, oil and allergens. Too much humidity can cause problems like acne, skin breakouts, eczema and allergic reactions that show up on the skin.

Heat rashes:

Multiple factors combine to make your skin irritable during the summer. Along with the heat, that puts a lot of pressure on the skin, comes sweating. However, sometimes dirt and dust clog the sweat ducts of the skin, trapping the perspiration. This can result in itchy rashes, blisters or mini-bumps. Clothes can add to the irritability all the more due to friction.

What you can do:

Prevent rashes/bumps or breakouts by keeping yourself clean, especially if you sweat a lot. Shower twice a day, particularly when you end your day. Use our Shea Butter Charcoal Soap to get rid of bacteria and impurities. Keep yourself dry as much as possible. Rubbing the affected skin with ice cubes can help soothe the irritation. If the condition persists, meet a dermatologist.


It is not just your body but also your skin that bears the burden of dehydration. As we sweat, we continuously lose hydration from the skin. If not sufficiently replenished, this can leave the skin dry, irritated and more prone to sunburn. Your lips may start to crack and dry patches may appear.

What you can do:

The most logical answer is to drink as much water as you can. Carry a water bottle with you all the time, do not go without sipping once every half an hour. Also add a lot of summer fruits to your diet. Fruits like watermelon, which are high in water content, are particularly good for the body and skin during the summer.


The summer sun is so harsh that it can dry up your skin, causing red patches and rashes that burn. This happens more to people who have a sensitive skin. In simple language, it is the sun burning up your soft and sensitive skin.

What you can do:

Logically, the only way to protect your skin against this condition is to minimize sun exposure. At the same time, it is equally important to wear a sunscreen religiously. Apply a sunblock cream liberally all over your face, neck and arms 20 minutes before stepping out. Make sure you re-apply the same every four to five hours to ensure continuous protection. It is also advisable for people who have sensitive skin to wear clothes covering as much skin as possible during the day. Ending your day with an after sun aloe vera spray will cool down the sunburnt skin.

We also recommend to exfoliate your skin every other day, with a light sugar scrub in order to remove impurities and hydrate your skin. Our recipe is made with simple ingredients that most of us have in our kitchen.

Matcha Facial Sugar Scrub - Recipe:

  • 1/2 cup sugar

  • 1 tsp matcha powder

  • 1-2 tbsp coconut oil

  • 1 capsule vitamin E oil

  • 5 drops Tea tree Essential oil

  • 5 drops Lemon Essential oil

  • 5 drops Frankincense Essential oil

Apply 1 tsp of sugar scrub to your face and gently spread it in a circular motion, once it is incorporated use a damp cloth with warm water to clean off your face.

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