Vegan Sulfate-Free Shampoo

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About The Ingredients

Oat Protein
Oat Protein, Hydrolyzed is naturally derived from Aveena sativa kernels. It helps reduce breakage, Softens, Smooths, Repairs and Protects, giving hair a gentle sheep with a soft glow.
Keratin Protein
Vegan-friendly Keratin Protein, derived from a NON-GMO, vegetable extractions. It has the ability to strengthen and enhance the elasticity of individual hair strands. Keratin protein reduces fly-aways and produces a glowing shine.
Lauryl glucoside
Lauryl glucoside is a surfactant derived from natural sources like GMO-FREE corn. It is a foaming agent which not only gives a good lather, but is an effective cleanser too. Lauryl glucoside is biodegradable too, this means that it is easily decomposed in nature and does not cause pollution.

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