About Sanbe Beauty

An ethical brand with minimal impact on the environment

unique organic & vegan skincare

We help our customers adapt to a mindful skincare routine.

SanBe Beauty’s first three years their reusable skincare bottles and jars stopped 1 ton of single-use plastic packaging from ending up in landfill.

The Sanbe Team

Sandra Blua


Ashley WISE

Social Media Manager

Kaylee H.

Sales Associate

Keilee D.

Sales Associate / Product Distributor

Kassandra R.

Sales Associate / Product Production

Taylor W.

US Distributor



Kara D.

Sales Associate

Jasmine H.

Sales Associate / Product Production

What sets us apart

All our products are handmade in small batches to ensure you receive the quality and personalized care you deserve. 

We do not sacrifice quality for quantity meaning- we do not use any fillers or additives to increase the volume of a product. What you get is 100% pure and each ingredient is used for the benefit of you and your skin. 

We care about the environment. Our products are packaged using bio-degradable materials and/or reusable containers to reduce environmental waste. 

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